This article brought up some interesting inquiry for me. I tend to think of intuition as a spiritual experience. It points, as you mention to some extent, to the fact that we can see so little of reality. That our consciousness is so limited. I do know that when I can get out of my busy thinking that my consciousness increases and that possibilities come to me in a much more expansive way then when I try to figure something out from the limited space between my ears. It ends up not being not so much about decision making but about discovering possibility and then trusting the spiritual wisdom behind that possibility. When I uncover an idea that has bubbled up from my soul and I trust that idea as wisdom, I may later judge the outcome as positive or negative. But even that is a judgment in the moment that I may or may not agree with when I look back from the future. I have deep certainty that we live in a spiritual experience that coexists with our personal psychological experience. I have also come to see that they resonate in a different feeling. The spiritual truth has a certainty, a knowing feeling and when I follow that rather than the more insecure intellect or psychology, I experience a feeling of confidence that will then guide me to whatever happens to show up next. Not very scientific but truth all the same. Thank you for your writing. ❤️

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