Interesting take. Mine is a little different. In the first paragraph what jumps out at me is the word "worry." Worry is a function of thought and it clouds our consciousness. When we let go of our worry, our vision widens and we see possibility where it was previously hidden. It literally shows up on our doorstep because it was always there. We were just too caught up in our thought world to notice. So, yes, G-d feeds us and when we get quiet inside we see the source of food. We don't need to worry about it.

What does it mean to "need", to be "provided" to be "well fed or well clothed"? They are all concepts made up by our thinking mind. They only have the meaning that we have attributed.

Pointing to the spirit is incredibly freeing and empowering but not, to me, because we are temporary on this earth. We are here, I believe to enhance our relationship to G-d, to find our spiritual truth, our connection, our oneness and in the process to give up our self-ness more and more. And yet, our self-ness is the human experience. Enhanced with unlimited potential when we realize the unlimited spiritual resources that are our birthright, that we have possessed from day one.

I agree that it is not the treasures that matter (although they can provide some fun) and that there is no need to worry about tomorrow. Because, again, the worry is a trap. We get caught up in it and we can no longer see the beauty that is sitting right at the end of our nose. the beauty that opens our minds to experience the bounties of this world, fully spiritual and sometimes physical (and still spiritual in that). It is the living in gratitude that opens us up to the depths of unlimited potential. G-d will, i believe, make you rich. Maybe just not in the ways you expect. Surrender and find love, the ultimate, absolute ultimate abundance. And when we live in love we will have all the resources that we need; to feed our bodies and our spirit.

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