I really enjoyed the feel of your writing as i read this piece. there is beauty in your words and truth. I have met very few people, especially the me who is a coach, who does not recognize the space of truth within themselves, the piece of them that exists before form, that is always whole and perfect and never hurt by their thinking to the contrary. It can get very difficult to hear that space sometimes since our ego thinking has the tendency to get so loud. but it is there nonetheless and most people recognize it, remember it when they are reminded. in that space they feel good and they begin to remember who they truly are, before thought, before negative self-talk, before insecurity of opinions of others. and when they find that space again, become acquainted with it, they once again tune into their inner voice and many people, maybe most people, recognize that space as G-d. And when we touch that space and we begin to listen there instead of to the loud voice of personal thinking to which we have become accustomed, we can see that that everything comes from that space. Not just answers but desires as well and then we know, for sure, that G-d has always been there for us and we can let go and be there for G-d. The ultimate act of letting go in order to be there for ourselves. ❤

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Executive, Leadership, and Transformative Life Coach. My clients find less stress and uncover a limitless world of possibility. More at www.deborahbaron.com.

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