Everyone is Different and Yet We Are All the Same

We are all thinkers and in spite of the illusion that makes it feel otherwise, our thoughts create our realities, create our experiences. And when we can see our thoughts for what they are our whole world can change.

We can’t help it. We think and it makes us feel separate from on inner spirit, from our soul.

G-d gave us this illusion when Adam ate from the tree of knowledge. Yet we do have the power to see it. We don’t need to live in a cloud of unhelpful personal thinking. We can see it for what it is and we can get out from under it. Observe it instead of living in it. Refuse to believe it when it tells us lies.

We also, every one of us, retain the ability, the power the access our spiritual nature. The perfect core of self that was born fine and is always fine, always perfect. The best part of us that feels compassion and connection and inspiration and creativity in any moment. That knows that what we are made of is pure love.

When we feel that essence of love everything else falls away and we are here now with no contamination of personal thinking. It is the best feeling in the world, the best drug, the best elixir, the cure for everything that ails.

It holds hope and possibility and lives in the soul of inspiration. Of an inspired life.

It is in you. It is in everyone. It is your birthright. And the only thing keeping you from it is contaminated thinking that you have brought with you from a past that no longer is.

Let yourself get quiet and you will find it. As it has been with you forever. You know it, you recognize it. You just forgot.

It is love, pure love, the feeling of love, of light, of inspiration.

And when you let go of the personal thoughts or even just see them for what they are; a loud marching band that is telling you otherwise, you will find the ultimate source of answers, the ultimate source of potential, the ultimate source of everything you seek. The search can end when you recognize that you have had this all along, that it has always been with you.

The best of you will bubble back up to the surface and you will be free.

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