Brilliant Jeremy! Mindful isn’t something that you do, it is what you are before you start thinking. It is your natural state rather than something that you find, it is something that you experience through surrender rather than effort and it is available to you in every minute all day long, even if you are checking your phone or working. It simply points to being fully present. And have you noticed how much bigger the world gets when you are in the now? When I let my thought drop away in the night I notice how loud is the water running through my radiators. When I drop my thinking in the shower I feel the water on my skin and hear it hitting the tiles. When I walk down the street and get more present, I see the trees and the cars and the people that were invisible to me just a minute before when I was caught in my thinking and the world becomes bigger and more beautiful. I find love in that space and my consciousness rises. So amazing, so beautiful! Thanks for pointing! ❤️

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