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Holding the Paradox of Deep Intent While Letting Go Completely

A condor soaring in the sky
A condor soaring in the sky

As I am sitting down to write this, I would so love to create something beautiful. Something inspiring, wise, and full of grace. And yet I know, that feeling of wanting, that ache, it blocks me.

It is only when I let it go that I begin to flow.

When I stop thinking about what I want to say and let the incredible creative nature of what I call G-d, or spirit, flow into my body. I begin with an urge and only in letting it go can I truly create.

This is a reprint of a story I wrote several years ago. It points to the attributes of great teams and great organizational culture and I am both inspired and pleased to share it with you again here. That said, there are a few things that I have learned since the original writing that are worth sharing before you begin.

The human experience

1. Each one of us lives in our own thought-created reality. Our experiences are created from the inside out. What this means for strong team culture is that there is no universal experience. …

What if self-improvement is not a thing? What if you are already perfect and the only thing you ever need is to settle down, slow down, take a breath and look within — under your thinking?

The great sages from all times have always told us to look within. What in the world does that mean?

A friend of mine told me that when he first heard that suggestion, he could not see the logic in it at all. When he looked within, he only found his own chatter. And it was not a chatter he enjoyed, it was a…

A message for Passover

You already know that freedom has everything to do with joy, contentment, and possibility. Did you also know that it brings insight, inspiration, and love, brings you closer to your own inner wisdom and to your own divine connection to wisdom?

Passover starts this Saturday night. It is the holiday of freedom, freedom from slavery, of the Jews being set free from the bondage of the Egyptians. The celebration of becoming a people and taking the first steps toward revelation, to receiving the word of G-d, for guidance, inspiration, and peace.

What does freedom mean to you and are you…

To look at a tree and see the branches hanging over the street, to see the wind blowing a leaf as it hangs onto the branch after a long winter, to listen to a dog bark in the distance, or to watch two turtle doves peck at the grass and the dirt.

To be in the world

To notice that I am feeling tense and relax the feeling in my shoulders, to feel my clothes on my body and feel my body holding me up. …

My friend feels sad and it seems so real to her. Her thoughts show up and she is so used to listening to them, it never occurred to her that they might not mean anything. That they could be a simple illusion created by the spiritual nature of thought. That it might be possible to hear her thoughts and then not take them seriously. Like a mistake of the sound system, a record skipping, or a loud truck passing by when we are talking to a friend on the phone. Something to shrug our shoulders about and then move on.

After publishing an article on procrastination earlier this week, a friend wrote to me asking whether I had ever written a piece addressing the challenges of clutter.

He runs a clutter support group at his local senior center, struggles with clutter in his own life, and wondered if a 3 Principles understanding could help him — “declutter” (my word, not his) and let go of stuff.

He went on to elaborate, asking about the possibility of being in the present, rather than holding onto past memories or keeping an item or object just in case he might need it someday.

Does one part of your brain believe you should be completing a task while another part of your brain is resisting or simply just not getting done?

Procrastinating — “delay or postpone action; put off doing something” — Oxford Languages

Does it feel like over-whelm or insecurity or boredom? Does it feel tight and uncomfortable? That tight feeling is a clue that you are living in the realm of unhelpful thought and not in the realm of inspiration. You probably already knew that…

Let’s break it down:

How tasks get created

Either another person asks us to take on a task or we make…

Sometimes I see so much thought around me that I get overwhelmed…and then I remember…



In every moment, no exceptions.

Each item that surrounds me when I look around the room — created by thought.

Each piece of every day, created by my thoughts.

Each person moving in accordance with their thoughts.

Some propelling us with such beauty and that beauty too a judgment from my thoughts.

Pain, sensation, sight, sound. None would exist without the power of thought.

Some scaring and stopping our actions, we call that getting in our own way, again, a function of our…

Uncovering the universal nature of brilliance

We are all the same. We are all genius. Our minds are expansive and unlimited, and we all begin again each moment. Brilliance.

We are all insecure, we are all too aware of the self, we all doubt and want and strive.

We all love, we all imagine.

We all judge ourselves and others and do stupid things and we have no idea until much later whether they really were stupid or incredibly brilliant. Sometimes we never know.

We can all reach into the depths of our soul and see truth.

We are all the same.

We all hurt and…

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