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Holding the Paradox of Deep Intent While Letting Go Completely

A condor soaring in the sky
Photo by Sebastian Seck for Unsplash

As I am sitting down to write this, I would so love to create something beautiful. Something inspiring, wise, and full of grace. And yet I know, that feeling of wanting, that ache, it blocks me.

It is only when I let it go that I begin to flow.

When I stop thinking about what I want to say and let the incredible creative nature of what I call G-d, or spirit, flow into my body. I begin with an urge and only in letting it go can I truly create.

The nature of getting un-stuck

Photo by Chris Osmond on Unsplash

He thought he was stuck.

He had been riding a wave and was now sitting in the water waiting for the next wave to show up.

He had a few ideas about which next wave to try but he thought he needed help sorting them out, evaluating the pros and cons of each new wave. That someone more experienced in life and business would have a perspective that he lacked. Would have knowledge of the future that he did not possess.

But surfing does not work like that. Sometimes the wave looks small and ends up with a long tail…

I went looking for mine and this is what I found…

Photo by David Clode on Unsplash

“The weak link in our sense of hearing is that it reports to the personality which makes it subject to our ego defenses that censor information and distort the message if it triggers more anxiety than we can bear.” — Sarah Yehudit Schneider

I am wanting to write about leaving my ego-self behind. I am wondering what it would be like if I could do it, or do it more. And I am afraid.

I have been carrying this idea in my head all morning. Knowing on some level that there is something to say on this subject and yet…

Image by Nicole Tang

“In the silence of our minds lies creative incubation, bringing the wisdom and joy we all seek.” — Sydney Banks, The Missing Link

The sun is light, pure light
It pours forth and only gives - energy, warmth, beauty, sustenance.
It never receives.

From where does the sun get its energy? It is impossible to know.

The moon receives and reflects.
Sometimes it is in just the right position to reflect its most-ness
and yet even in those moments of most-ness there still exists the shadowed side.
The side that does not SEE

They live together,
the shadowed and the…

or not…

Photo by Matthew Henry on Unsplash

We were driving to Buffalo last weekend to visit our daughter and her husband for the holiday. The weather was kind of crazy — one-minute torrential downpours, the next the sun shining, and then a few minutes later back to a torrential downpour.

Something interesting occurred to me as I was driving in and out of those thunderstorms. Something about the beauty and volatility of life. …

Cycling as a Metaphor for Life

Letting it all be easy

Photo by Alessandra Caretto on Unsplash

I bike most weekends.

With a group of pretty good riders. I get a little hesitant to say that when I see other groups of riders whizzing past us, with seemingly little effort. But that said, yesterday we rode 50 miles through the hills of Western, PA.

It’s all relative, isn’t it? Another example of our experience being created through the power of thought…

Sometimes when I ride, I put a lot of effort into keeping up with the group or reaching the top of a hill. …

A third-wave behavioral therapy — a step in the right direction and yet still, not enough

Photo by Ilnur Kalimullin on Unsplash

I was sent an article the other day by one of my readers (Michael Caputo). Michael introduced me to the idea of “3rd wave behavioral therapy” and more specifically a therapy technique called Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (“ACT Therapy”). His note was in response to my article on Why CBT Doesn’t Work and he wanted to know what I thought about this 3rd wave. Michael also sent along an article by Daniel Farrant in which Daniel explains ACT Therapy. There are aspects to this new 3rd wave of therapy that I really liked hearing, glad to see that the field…

Photo by David Clode on Unsplash

How do I know?

It’s all about the feeling.

How do I know whether to listen to a thought I am having or to ignore it? When I remember, and that is probably the operative word, remember, it is all about the feeling.

When I have a solid feeling, an — it just feels right feeling — that is how I know to proceed. When I feel tight and uncomfortable. That is how I know that my thinking is not helpful.

This is my free will at work.

What does that mean that my thinking is not helpful?

For me…

Deborah Baron

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