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Holding the Paradox of Deep Intent While Letting Go Completely

A condor soaring in the sky
A condor soaring in the sky

As I am sitting down to write this, I would so love to create something beautiful. Something inspiring, wise, and full of grace. And yet I know, that feeling of wanting, that ache, it blocks me.

It is only when I let it go that I begin to flow.

When I stop thinking about what I want to say and let the incredible creative nature of what I call G-d, or spirit, flow into my body. I begin with an urge and only in letting it go can I truly create.

Uncovering the universal nature of brilliance

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We are all the same. We are all genius. Our minds are expansive and unlimited, and we all begin again each moment. Brilliance.

We are all insecure, we are all too aware of the self, we all doubt and want and strive.

We all love, we all imagine.

We all judge ourselves and others and do stupid things and we have no idea until much later whether they really were stupid or incredibly brilliant. Sometimes we never know.

We can all reach into the depths of our soul and see truth.

We are all the same.

We all hurt and…

Finding wisdom, possibility, and peace in letting go

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When I let go of the busyness in my mind, when I let it wash away, I find space, I find emptiness.

It is a space of no pain, a space of complete freedom from anything that might otherwise be ailing me.

It is empty and in that emptiness, I find something new. Something that may begin as simply ok and then I sit in it and I feel it. It feels warm and then warmer and calm.

It is fuzzy in my mind as it contains no thought although I do have a sense of a feeling.

It is…

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Mindful isn’t something that you do, it is what you are.

Before you start thinking.

It is your natural state rather than something that you find.

It is experienced through surrender rather than effort.

It is available to you in every minute all day long.

Even if you are checking your phone or working or dancing or driving.

It simply points to being fully present.

Not in your thinking mind.

Not in the future.

Not in the past.

It requires no practice.

No breathing technique.

No special lighting.

No escape from what is.

Have you noticed how much bigger the…

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“…if hundreds of thousands of people reach out for a book whose very title promises to deal with the question of a meaning to life, it must be a question that burns under their fingernails.” — Victor E. Frankl, Man’s Search for Meaning

Reading Victor Frankl — Man’s Search for Meaning has got me thinking about the meaning of our lives. Why in the world are we here and is it really so simple?

He points to the insight that we find our meaning not in asking what life has for me but in asking what life wants from me…

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For me, intuition is all about the spirit. That feeling of something coming to me from nowhere, from out of “the blue”. Filling the space of “I don’t know” with “now I know”, and I am willing to trust.

We know, even from science, that we can see so little of reality. That our consciousness is so limited.

And yet, I do know that when I can get out of my busy thinking my consciousness increases, and possibilities come to me in a much more expansive way than when I try to figure something out from the limited space between…

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For those of you who follow my writing regularly, you have heard me tell the story of how I used to yell at my kids when I came home and found the kitchen a mess. And then, how my state of mind and subsequent habit of behavior shifted for me.

This is an invitation to take another look at that story from the perspective of changing behavior and why a focus on the behavior is so often ineffective in creating change.

The Behavior Approach

Let’s say that I realized or even that someone pointed out to me that yelling at my kids was…

And the awesomeness of a sunny day — at least for me…

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We are living in a time when the power of thought is so clearly visible all around us. More than usual, maybe…, I am not entirely sure.

The story

This is my story. It wasn’t easy to learn and it may not be easy to explain but I am going to give it a try. I would love to know whether this makes sense to you. It took me at least a full month of pondering in my inner consciousness before it made sense to me. And now, I can’t see it any other way.

It was February in Pittsburgh, in the…

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