Holding the Paradox of Deep Intent While Letting Go Completely

A condor soaring in the sky
A condor soaring in the sky
Photo by Sebastian Seck for Unsplash

As I am sitting down to write this, I would so love to create something beautiful. Something inspiring, wise, and full of grace. And yet I know, that feeling of wanting, that ache, it blocks me.

It is only when I let it go that I begin to flow.

When I stop thinking about what I want to say and let the incredible creative nature of what I call G-d, or spirit, flow into my body. I begin with an urge and only in letting it go can I truly create.

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I have a confession to make.

I am terrible at this.

Occasionally I get it right, usually, I don’t.

“They say those who can’t do — teach.” I have also heard Mike Dooley say that we teach best “that which we most need to learn”. That’s me.

That said, I can see it. I am hopeful that this is the path to change. In my experience, we see truth, and then change starts to happen over time. On this one, I can only hope…

My kids, my husband, my friends, my colleagues, often come to me with complaints. Complaints about their experience of the day, the week or the year. And what do we do when faced with a complaint? We want to fix it, right? Kiss it and make it all better. We hate seeing the people in our lives suffer and we are under the innocent illusion, mistaken impression, that changing the seeming problem will alleviate the suffering. …

Understanding our relationship to thought through the window of a dream

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Do you try to change your thoughts?

Knowing that your anxiety or sadness isn’t doing you any good, do you look for another thought to replace it?

Maybe it works for a few minutes and then you are back to the original experience. Fighting with yourself to have different thinking and creating anxiety in the struggle? Ultimately, making it worse?

What would it be like to wake up to your thinking instead, or to wake up from your thinking like waking up from a dream?

According to Marty Lipsky in his recent interview on Insightful Stories with Del Adey-Jones, Syd Banks, in his very first public meeting, described insecurity and doubt and fear as “nothing but thoughts carried through time.” What does it mean to have a thought and then to carry it through time? To live with it as if it is in the now, to believe that it has meaning for or in the present moment? …

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When we open our minds, hope creeps in through the crack bringing with it possibility, joy, and wellbeing.

A closed mind holds anger, confusion and blame.

Let it go and find the potential for freedom, the source of all things, the energy of pure love.

Before you go…

I invite you to join me on a 5-day journey into the space of possibility and satisfaction with my recently published course. Here is the link:

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Photo by 🇸🇮 Janko Ferlič on Unsplash

Being in the space
of stillness
of ease
hearing the sounds in the room and outside
of plenty
no want
the ease of being right here right now
I can find the tension, but it is off in the distance
In a distant corner of my mind
My shoulders relax
I notice the sunshine outside of the window
There is nothing wanting
I do not want
I simply am
in the moment
dry and warm
with love sifting through the molecules
it permeates and fills the space
I hear the noises in the house
the water running through the radiators
always a sign that I am present
no other sounds in my head
it turns off and I hear the noise of a truck outside my house
nothing wanting
I remember the wanting feeling
I can summon it if I please
buy why
why not
I look up and I see the room
my walls are pink
isn’t that wonderful?
I feel the chair holding me and I am grateful
for the simple pleasures
kids in orange and pink hats
so nice
hugging in the leaves of autumn
love from Mom
holding hands
this is what I see outside of my window
they run to see the truck
this is life
I am drawn to my book
there is a message waiting there for me I am sure
and yet there is no rush
taking a moment to listen
simply listen and take in the world
small in my little space
vast in energy and love
we have it all
we know what to do
we know to do nothing
to take this moment and be
to feel the love that slides between the molecules of our presence
to trust
this is all we need
we have it…

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Photo by Marko Horvat on Unsplash

On June 3, 2017, Alex Honnold made the first “free solo ascent” of El Capitan in Yosemite National Park. This means he climbed it alone and without ropes. The movie “Free Solo” Was made about his incredible feat.

When interviewed about this accomplishment and asked whether he was scared during the climb, he replied:

“It wasn’t like I wasn’t scared, I just worked on it until it wasn’t scary.”

I get vertigo from simply looking at that picture above.

On November 4th of this year, Emily Harrington became the first woman to free-climb the Golden Gate route of El Capitan in less than one day. She was also interviewed about her feat. …

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Photo by Tobias Mrzyk on Unsplash

“Coincidence is God’s way of remaining anonymous.” — Albert Einstein

The unpronounceable Hebrew word for God (Yod, Hey, Vav, Hey) translates to everything that is, everything that ever was, and everything that ever will be. The present, the past, and the future.

A few months ago, I posted a question on Facebook asking people whether they believed in G-d prior to discovering the 3 Principles. It was a 3 Principles Facebook page and I fully expected that everyone posting and following on that page would say that they believed in G-d. …

Two Poems on Two Days

and Finding the Most Mundane in the Incredible

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Finding the Most Mundane in the Incredible — Day One

Feeling need
Feeling want
Looking at the edge of my learning
Knowing that whatever I am feeling is perfect, for now

Wandering into the depths of not knowing
Wondering where learning will take place
Feeling love with others
Allowing for whatever shows up

Searching for the places of doubt in my mind
Feeling my I self, my individuality
Playing with the space of I and we
Looking at the space between and wondering

Feeling my frailties in the background noise of my selfness
Not being in the present
Bringing myself back
Worrying that I am blocking
That I am not in receiving mode
Wondering why it would…

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Photo by Glen Carrie on Unsplash

I have discovered that life-juice lives in experiences that we label as “uncomfortable” in emotions that we work to avoid.

I have, in a way, become comfortable experiencing the yucky.

What does it mean to be comfortable with being sad or worried or even angry?

Knowing that they are emotions created by thought and that the experience of them is a big part of what makes us human. That we wouldn’t want to live life without these seemingly unwanted feelings. …

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Photo by AbsolutVision on Unsplash

Where does a great idea come from (out of the blue) and why do we get them, how is this built into our human operating system.

And then what is the role that thought plays in bringing the idea to execution or allowing it to be dormant in our minds. What thinking do we create after the creation that covers the inspiration, creates a feeling of scared or insecurity, and stops us in our tracks?

What happens when we see that thinking for what it is and choose to ignore it and act anyway.

I am drawn to the truth that ideas are constantly generated, isn’t that cool? And that insecure thinking can always show up and then we can give it power or not.

Super interesting, super cool. Best, Deborah


Deborah Baron

Executive, Leadership, and Transformative Life Coach. My clients find less stress and uncover a limitless world of possibility. More at www.deborahbaron.com.

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